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Barracuda Carry-on Luggage

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10,000 mAh battery pack, storage bag, portable digital scale, laundry/shoe bag set, as well as elegance & style.

Barracuda's removable battery means you won't be impacted by recent airline regulations banning smart luggage. Those reglations only ban smart luggage WITHOUT removeable battries.

Customer Reviews

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It was a good match because I was looking for luggage with large

As an airline retiree, I am very particular in my luggage. When I decided that my beloved carryon finally decided to retire, I was frantic to find a replacement. After looking at all that was available online, I looked at Youtube for some new innovations and chose Barracuda. It was a good match because I was looking for luggage with large recessed wheels, a sturdy handle and recessed pull up handle. I certainly got more than I bargained for. I found the battery charger has been very useful as is the flashlight it includes. The popup handle twists so that you can find a more comfortable hold on it and the tray has been indispensable. As stated, it collapses into a rectangle about 3 inches by the dimensions of the outside and hangs very nicely in my closet. I would recommend this suitcase to anyone who prefers not to check their luggage. It is, however, rugged enough to endure the stress of checking it, too. Since September, it has gone to France and Japan with no problems.

Versatile, small roller bag with great features

I was an original Kickstarter backer for the Barracuda as well, and was really pleased with the way the company handled updates and quality control while developing the product. The bag is excellent for short trips, and provides an capable alternative to take on crowded flights with limited overhead space. It has a myriad of features, but the light weight, rotating handle and laptop charging/shelving options are the most useful. I have a Lenovo Carbon that works very well with the Barracuda, and the combination makes working while you are waiting at the gate much more possible.

The rotating handle does take some hand strength to utilize (there is a button that must be depressed to release and allow rotation) but it certainly does not make the bag unusable or take away from its many strengths. It is also a "2-wheel" bag rather than a "4-wheel" bag, but that is a compromise needed to get the other benefits and keep the bag small.

If you need a smaller roller bag that is surprisingly useful and very helpful to an electronics-using traveler, the Barracuda is a great choice.

Love it!!!

We have two Barracuda carry on bags in our family. The design is sleek and different and we often get compliments. This bags handle is our favourite part of this luggage as the circle turns so you are not putting strain on your back when rushing thru the airport. It has a charging device built in that is removable. A tray that zips out to hold your computer when working and if not it also has cup holders as well so you can comfortably eat your lunch. The front zip makes is easy to access your computer. It also comes with a laundry bag, shoe bag and digital scale.

A stunning bit of excellence

I was an original kickstarter backer and waited and waited and waited as this suitcase went through development and design modifications and the entire process that it takes to make an excellent product and make it well. I was incredible excited when I received the email that my two cases had shipped! But I also felt some trepidation - I'd waited for so long for this to be made, and read all the many update emails that the creators were kind to send out - what if it didn't live up to the hype? What if my 15 or 18 months or whatever it was of waiting were to receive just a pile of crap or something that isn't any better than what I go to Shopko and buy for $50.

Then they arrived and I opened them and put my first one together - wow! From the packaging box that they shipped in, to the zipper bag that the suitcase can be stored in, the manual and instructions, the electronic luggage scale, to the suitcase itself - everything really well made, and done with attention to detail. Every piece on the suitcase fits perfectly together and holds solidly, and yet they are also easy to release and collapse the bag.

It travels SOOO well, too! The handle is just right, the wheels roll like a charm, the tray is really good to eat off or hold a drink or even a laptop. (though I will say, I am a little disappointed that the tray is not any stronger - it holds my Chromebook just fine, but my larger laptop (15") feels like it's going to break the tray do to weight, so I don't use it. But, there is also only so much material one can fit into the handle, so I imagine this was about as strong as they could make it. That's my only complaint, though.

Mine are both black, and the color is just right. It's a beautiful shade of black. They are both hanging up in my closet, tucked neatly away, taking up less space than my *one* previous travel bag.

I don't travel a lot, but I do a fair amount of overnight and multi-day trips by car, and a few flights each year for business or pleasure (including international), and I know these will be serving me well for years. Exquisite. Brilliant.

The battery is great, and easy to use, and convenient. The luggage scale also quite good, though I don't expect it will see much use since it seems silly to lug it around and have it take up space in the suitcase. It's good for the beginning of a trip, though, just to be sure one isn't packed too heavily.

I am well rewarded for taking the risk in being an early support of this suitcase!

(I did not get the GPS device as it seemed kind of expensive for small benefit, so cannot review on that).

I forgot to add a tracker

I watched a video on Facebook for the Barracuda and decided it would make a perfect birthday gift for my son who travels for his job.
I made my selection and followed the ordering process. After my order was accepted, I realized that I had forgotten to add on the tracker. I quickly emailed the company. As it was late on Sunday, I did not expect a reply until the following day. To my surprise, a member from the team contacted me immediately and sent me a link to add on the tracker to my order. I did that and responded back. I also mentioned that I would love to add on a birthday wish to accompany my order and I didn't see that option. I was kindly told they would be happy to do that for me. All of this took place on a Sunday evening....not a normal working day. That special member of the team went above and beyond, I felt, to give me fantastic customer satisfaction. My son's birthday gift is on it's way and I couldn't be happier with my experience from this company.

I love my Barracuda carry on

I love my Barracuda carry on! It's lightweight so I can now easily put in the overhead bin without help. I love the straps inside that secures my stuff. I love the tray. I love how quiet it rolls. And I love the power battery, I didn't think I would actually use it but I have, it's great to get this backup power when you need it. Overall just an awesome bag, works great and looks very stylish!

Great Travel Bag for Professionals.

I have only taken my Barracuda on one trip but it was great. I was able to pack more than I anticipated and having power for recharges as well as the collapsible tray were huge bonuses. The tray actually came in handy when trying to eat a quick meal before boarding. Storing it has been nice and the original reason I bought it. It collapses! The storage bag is also great for hanging and keeping it clean. Only knock on it so far is the GPS tracker. Kind of expensive fee and the app sucks. Not a huge deal as the rest of the bag works well. The swivel handle I also found very comfortable for pulling around the airport. I would buy another of theses when and if I need it.


Everything thing about the Barracuda collapible is perfect. I got the blue which is even nicer than the picture. The convenient pockets inside and out are a great plus. I have used it for a 4 day trip and a 5 day trip with a medium sized purse as well. Everything I needed fit perfectly.

Amazing service and product!

I ordered two Barracudas as a wedding present for my daughter and son-in-law. They are in the military and are on their way to a new location so it was a challenge to get these to them. Paul Clip at customer service was there to help get shipping lined up with their arrival. The Baracudas arrived with perfect timing and they are very excited to get to use them! This company has top notch service and product! Thanks so much, Paul, for your help!

One trip so far...

Received my blue barracuda collapsible luggage last week...took it for my first short trip. First of all, it looks great. In fact, I was about to carry it on the plane when they announced at the gate that they were looking to gate check bags. I was with my family and we had four bags - so, instead of lugging them, we decide to gate check all 4. Upon seeing the Barracuda for the first time, the airline worker at the terminal gate said - what bag is that?!?! That is one nice looking bag! I explained that it was a kickstarter campaign, collapsible, battery charger, laptop tray, etc. - she was so impressed....well, so am I.

So far, I found that it's roomy. I like the belt tightener to keep everything in place. I do wish that it had an "expandable zipper pouch" - some of the bags that I have allow them to "grow" but this one is a fixed size. It's OK though as it's really meant for putting in an overhead cabin.

It rolls great and the rotating rounded handle was easy to manipulate to make comfortable to drag. The rechargeable battery compartment is a little hard to open and the laptop tray is a little flimsy but other than that the construction, the look and overall functionality of the bag is great. I also like the TSA-compatible lock - what a nice touch.

Very nice luggage with many very convenient features.

Overall great design, very compact luggage with additional features including battery charger for devices and a GPS locating feature.

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