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Tracking Your Luggage

The Barracuda luggage tracker has one goal: to bring peace of mind to all travelers around the world. Lost luggage is the main concern for travelers and our tracker helps make this a thing of the past.

The tracker is only intended for Air Travel. It is not recommended for any other context. This is because it uses GSM technology, which is not as accurate as conventional GPS. Furthermore, the device turns itself OFF when it detects movement, which is required to comply with avionics.

  1. Turn on your luggage tracker (if it doesn't turn on, see "Charging Your Luggage Tracker" below)
  2. Download the Barracuda App from Android´s Play store or IOS App Store
  3. Open the app, create an account and follow the prompts to register your luggage tracker
  4. That's it!

Important notes:

  • You DO NOT need to pair your phone with the tracker via Bluetooth
  • Your 30 day trial starts when you perform your first trace. You may wish to wait until you really need it before activating the trial

The Barracuda luggage tracker has a Rechargeable Battery that lasts over 15 days while the device is ON. This ensures that you will be connected to your tracker all the time, even if the flight has connections and your luggage is lost. As you prepare your luggage, please remember to charge your device using the USB cable. Connect it to a 110/220V charger or to a computer.

Note: Pushing the switch to the top turns the device OFF. Pushing the switch to the bottom turns the device ON.

Your tracker must be switched ON while charging. While charging, the red LED indicator will be constantly flashing. When the LED indicator changes from flashing red to steady green, your tracker will be fully charged. This may take up to 12 hours the first time, and up to 8 hours the following times.

Note: If no lights turn on when the tracker is plugged in, please charge it in OFF mode for 24 hrs to a wall power source, not a USB port of a laptop for example.

When the green light is steady, it means that the device is fully charged. Please unplug the device, and switch the device OFF. Then turn the device ON again.

The green and red light indicators will blink for about 5 seconds as the device activates to the cellular network for the first time. Please keep the device steady during this initial process. This activation with the mobile network may take up to 5 minutes.



You interact with your Barracuda luggage tracker through the Barracuda Mobile App, or through the Website App. To get started with the app, please download the Barracuda App from Android´s Play store or IOS App Store.

To register a new user,  please press "Create an Account".

Enter your personal information: Name, Email, Password and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Users who forget their password have nothing to worry about. The Barracuda app will send you an authentication password to the email address associated with your account. Just select the “Forgot my password?” option at the login screen.


Once registered and logged in, you can associate Barracuda trackers to your account, refresh the battery level, buy Service Plans and refresh the location of  your device. You can also change your personal information.

When you log into the application, you will see the devices associated with your account. In case you don’t have any registered yet, the list will be empty as shown below.

Enable your phone’s Bluetooth, turn ON your tracker and hold it on the back of the phone.

In case that your tracker is not found, please select ADD DEVICE MANUALLY and type in your Device ID, which is the 8-digit number found in the back of your tracker as shown below.

Once your device is added to your account, it is time to Personalize it. Type the name you want to give to your LugLoc as a way to identify it. For example, ‘My Barracuda’. You can even take a picture of the Barracuda you put it in.

Hit the Done and you're all set!

After adding your device you will see it listed in the app’s Devices page. Each device will show its last known location. If you have more than one device, swipe to the sides to check them out.


In order to track your luggage, you will need a service plan. Your Barracuda tracker comes with a FREE 30-day service plan. This FREE service period will begin when you Refresh your device's location for the first time. You can purchase different service plans through the app.

Tracking is done automatically once a service plan is initiated. Barracuda combines GSM and Bluetooth technology to locate the device.

Our app will actively look for your device all the time, giving you the most accurate location. If you want to manually  know the location of your tracker, please refresh the location in the Devices screen of the app.

In the iOS App, if you have your Bluetooth turned ON and your tracker is in Bluetooth range (less than 50 feet away), you will be able to see the Bluetooth icon turn ON in the app (see image below) .
The location of your LugLoc will be updated in the Map and you will see that the last location date will update to “[a few] seconds ago”.
To access each individual device information, you must first tap once anywhere on the desired device screen, and wait a few moments. That device information will load and you will be able to:

Edit the Device Name and Picture.

Go to the Map by tapping on the Map.

Locate your tracker by selecting Refresh.

Check your Device’s Battery Level.

Renew your Service Plan.

Control whether your phone plays a sound when the tracker is in Bluetooth range.

Set a Short Range Alarm which will notify you if your tracker is out of Bluetooth range. (A great way to avoid forgetting your bag somewhere!)

Remove the device from your Account.


Tracking is done automatically. After refreshing the device location, you will be notified within 90 seconds with the location of your luggage at any commercial airport in the world. The location of your luggage will be displayed in the Map View. The location will be displayed inside a circular area, to help locate the airport at which the device is.

The app requires an internet connectivity to operate. Please ensure that you have Wi-Fi activated in your SmartPhone, or ensure that you have Cellular Data and/or Roaming activated.
If the tracker isn't ON, you will not be able to track your luggage.
Note: Pressing the red button on the tracker initiates a system check. If a green light turns on then your device is connected to the cellular network and is able to communicate back to our servers. If the light is red then you may need to wait longer, or you may be out of range of a GSM tower capable of 2G data communications.


The Barracuda tracker was engineered to turn the device OFF when in flight, and turning it back ON once the plane comes to a full stop. The tracker is FAA, TSA and FCC Compliant, and was designed exclusively for Air Travel.

The tracker turns itself OFF automatically when in flight or in continuous motion. The device turns itself back ON once it stands still for 12 minutes. The Barracuda tracker complies with the most strict Airline Regulations, ensuring everyone’s safety.


The device shuts off when in flight or in continuous motion, reactivating itself when it lands. This means it can’t be detected when it is traveling. Once the device activates back ON it will receive any tracking requests and respond with its location.

You will receive a notification on your smartphone that your luggage was located within 90 seconds of the tracker turning itself back ON.



The battery level of your device is updated automatically. You will receive alerts when the battery reaches low levels. If you want to manually refresh the battery level of your tracker, please open the Barracuda App, select the desired device to check, and tap on the Battery Icon.

When your trip is concluded, remember to turn OFF your Barracuda tracker. This will extend the battery life. A fully charged battery will last for 15 days. Remember to charge your device before your next trip.

Your Barracuda tracker is similar to any of your other electronic devices such as your cell phone, cameras and tablets. Please be sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

Similarly, ensuring its battery never fully discharges will extend its lifetime.