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US Airlines Ranked

by Barracuda Style July 04, 2017

US Airlines Ranked


There are dozens of domestic airlines in the United States. Here is a ranking of some of the country’s most popular airlines.



Southwest regularly comes out on top in airline ranking surveys. The prices are decent, you get two free checked bags, and the boarding system is pretty democratic.



JetBlue offers good prices, good customer service and comfortable cabins with large seats and individual TV screens.



Delta comes out fairly middle of the pack in surveys. The cabins are comfortable, especially on newer planes, but older aircrafts aren’t that great. Prices tend to be expensive.



United’s rankings have tanked after a slew of PR scandals this year. Customer service is often subpar. Prices tend to be lower than average.



Seat prices are low, but you have to pay for every extra, including a carry-on, seat selection, and even water on the plane.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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