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Travel Spotlight: Bogota

by Barracuda Style December 30, 2016

Travel Spotlight: Bogota


The capital of Colombia is a bustling city perched high on a mountain. There is a lot of history and culture in Bogota, influenced by native peoples, colonial settlers and increasing globalization.


Gold Museum

The Gold Museum is the most popular in all of Colombia. It features over 55,000 pieces of gold and precious metal from the largest pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia. Descriptions are in Spanish and English.



This mountain in the middle of Bogota is one of the city’s defining features. The top offers spectacular views of the city and the surrounding country. The church at the top is a popular pilgrimage site.


Iglesia Museo de Santa Clara

This church is Bogota’s most remarkably designed and decorated church, as well as one of the city’s oldest.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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