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Travel Spotlight Austin

by Barracuda Style May 09, 2017

The state capital of Texas is a quirky, interesting place. So much so that the city slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” Home to good music, amazing food, and lots of outdoor space, Austin is a city worth visiting.

Hamilton Pool

This grotto formed when the dome of an underground river collapsed. Now, visitors can swim in the natural pool and play under the waterfalls.

Eat and Eat Some More

Austin is a foodie’s paradise. Try all the amazing tacos and Mexican food, but don’t forget the famous Texas BBQ. Food trucks abound in Austin and serve some of the city’s best bites.

Listen to Live Music

You can find live music shows every night of the week in Austin. Whether you like country, rock, jazz, or the blues, there’s a live music show for you.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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