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Maximize your travel experience with easy stay-healthy hacks

by Barracuda Style February 25, 2018

Everybody wants to stay healthy and enjoy their carefully planned trip, whether they're traveling for pleasure or business. 
Here's how to achieve this goal:
  1. Start packing early and use a packing list so you don't forget important items
  2. Get enough sleep before departure so you won't suffer too much from jetlag
  3. Get travel insurance for essential coverage, especially if traveling with children 
  4. Bring common over-the-counter medications with you to combat any colds, allergies or stomach upsets
  5. Ask your doctor about any other medications you'd need or prescription meds
  6. Stay hydrated and drink water on the flight and avoid alcohol which dehydrates
  7. Wash hands often!
Read more about planning well and important precautions to take in this excellent article from Everywhere And Beyond:

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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