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How to Pack Your Life Into A Carry-On

by Barracuda Style February 15, 2017

How to Pack Your Life Into A Carry-On

Any experienced traveler will recommend that you avoid bringing checked bags whenever possible. This makes travel more convenient, saves you time at the airport, reduces the risk of a lost bag, and, depending on your airline’s policy, could even save you a pretty penny in checked bag fees.


Like the idea of traveling light, but not sure how you could possibly fit everything you need into a checked bag? Here’s a handy dandy five-step guide:


  1. Make Sure Your Luggage Meets Carry-On Standards. This might sound painfully obvious, but many a traveler has made the mistake of packing what seemed like a reasonably-sized suitcase only to discover that their luggage was too big to be considered a carry on. This can result in unexpected fees and the frustration of being separated from your carry-on items. Ugh. Most airlines have very similar definitions of carry-on standards based upon size and weight. This chart makes double-checking the standards of your airline fast and easy.
  2. Downsize. Another obvious yet often-overlooked tip: don’t bring anything you won’t need! “What to pack” lists are a dime a dozen on the interwebs -- here’s a far more useful “what not to pack” list.
  3. Dress Up. As long as weather and other conditions allow, it’s best to wear your coat/jacket and your best jewelry. This will give you more space to work with, and eliminates the slight possibility of losing anything expensive.
  4. Use Ninja Packing Methods. Filling empty spaces is a must: socks can go inside of shoes, and no purse (or murse) should be packed away totally empty. Rolling your clothes protects against wrinkles while saving space. And the layering method, which is best explained through video, has many enthusiastic fans.
  5. Consider Barracuda. Shameless self-promotion has never been more appropriate. The Barracuda carry-on is designed with smart travel in mind, and features such as the collapsable design, the Halo Handle System™, and the sleek laundry and shoe bags included with every Barracuda suitcase make one-bag travel easier than you ever imagined.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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