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Guide to Using Cell Phones Abroad

by Barracuda Style January 13, 2017

Guide to Using Cell Phones Abroad


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, chances are you want to use your phone while you’re abroad. There are a few different ways you can use your phone, depending on how much you’ll need it, how long you’ll be away and how much you want to pay.


If you plan on using your regular phone, you should get an international data plan for your phone through your wireless carrier to avoid high fees. The amount of minutes and data you get will vary depending on the plan you select.


You can also unlock your phone and use an international SIM card that will allow you to use the local network. Not all phone are capable of doing this, however.


If you’re going to be communicating with locals, another option is to buy or rent a cell phone when you get there and get a no-contract pay-as-you-go plan.


Of course, there’s Wifi almost everywhere now, so it’s easy to connect to social media or Facetime and message friends and family from hotels and cafes around the world. 

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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