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Best Hotels for Business Travelers

by Barracuda Style February 07, 2017

Best Hotels for Business Travelers


When you’re on the road, you want your hotel to feel like a home away from home and make it easy to work out of the office. Here are some of the best hotels for business travelers.



Fairmont’s Canadian hotels are the brand’s most famous, but they’re currently expanding into Asia and the Middle East. Try the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver. It’s in the financial district, has six boardrooms, and premium guests have access to luxury BMWs. 


Grand Hyatt

Most Grand Hyatt hotels are spectacularly designed and offer amazing amenities. The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego has free Wifi, over 400,000 square feet of event and meeting space, and an on-site salon.



InterContinental hotels are top notch at pleasing their guests. The InterContinental San Francisco (SoMA) has a one-hour suit pressing, and unpacking service and free Wifi.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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