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Amazing Luggage Feature

by Barracuda Style December 16, 2016

Amazing Luggage Feature

Gone are the days where you’re stuck lugging a heavy, bulky bag through airport security lines. Today’s luggage is sleek and comes with a host of incredible features. Here are some of the most amazing luggage features available today.



In the past, suitcases took up tons of space in your closet or under the bed. Now, even durable, hard luggage folds up for when you’re not using it.



No need to worry about finding a free outlet at a crowded airport. Many suitcases have charging capabilities and USB ports so you can recharge on the go.


Location Tracking

Never worry about finding your luggage every again. If it gets lost, you can simply use an app to find its location. Barracuda’s bags also come up an optional upgrade that lets you know when your suitcase has arrived at the baggage carousel.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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