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A Day in the Life of a Hotel Concierge (And the Lessons It Offers)

by Barracuda Style February 10, 2017 1 Comment

A Day in the Life of a Hotel Concierge (And the Lessons It Offers)


One of the most convenient ways to enrich your travel experience is also one of the most under-used.


No, we’re not talking about in-flight sleeping pills (which, according to some medical professionals, may actually be over-used)! We’re talking about hotel concierges.


Though most people know that a concierge can recommend a restaurant or call a taxi, the majority of travelers do not take full advantage of all the services offered by a skilled hotel concierge. To give you a better idea of what you may be missing, we’ve compiled this brief guide to a day in the life of a hotel concierge.


Morning shift. In the AM hours, many guests are checking out and getting ready to head to their next destination. This means that concierges will often be occupied with travel details. Sure, that can include calling that taxi, as we mentioned above. But it could also involve any of the following helpful tasks:


  • Booking airline, bus, or train tickets
  • Finding a great deal on a rental car in your city of destination
  • Making recommendations regarding local public transit options
  • Setting up your next hotel reservation
  • Storing luggage for guests who plan to enjoy one last day in the city before heading for the airport


Afternoon shift. Savvy travelers know the lull between morning checkouts and afternoon-check-ins is the perfect time to contact your concierge before arriving in order to discuss and improve your travel plans. Taking this step can get you cheaper deals and make for more a more interesting trip. If you are traveling for a special occasion, be sure to mention that as well -- your concierge may be able to get you a free upgrade.


Evening/Night shift. The evening brings new guests and a flurry of activity. During this time, hotel concierges are often in close contact with local venues and establishments, finding out about cancelled reservations and helping fill these vacancies with eager guests. Here are a few activities that concierges may perform at this time day:


  • Secure a last-minute reservation to a trendy restaurant
  • Make purchases such as simple necessities, flowers, or a new change of clothes
  • Help plan an event, a date, or a night out on the town
  • Get tickets to that big, sold-out show


Further Research:

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about how to use a concierge, this helpful Forbes article offers a useful guide. Also, for those who enjoy a cheesy rom-com every now and then, For Love or Money is an 80’s flick starring Michael J. Fox as an ambitious high-end hotel concierge. All artistic merits of the film aside, it actually does a great job of showing examples of what a great concierge can pull off.


Don’t forget to say thanks.

Now that we’ve covered what a concierge can do for you, let’s not forget what you should do for your concierge.

Your tip should be proportional to the services that your concierge offers. If you regularly see the same concierge, or if a concierge does something extra helpful, sending a personalized gift around the holidays is also completely appropriate and much appreciated. This could be as simple as a gift card or as involved as a souvenir from your own city/country. As long as you know that your concierge doesn’t avoid alcohol for any personal or religious reasons, rumor has it that a nice bottle of wine is a perennially popular present!

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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February 21, 2018

Nice article, but misleading. As a concierge for over 20 years there is no afternoon lull and many hotels do not allow employees to accept alcohol as gifts, we smile and accept and then have to turn it over to management.

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