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4 Top Stops for Your Vienna Adventure

by Barracuda Style October 04, 2016

Grandiose imperial architecture, open-air dining on the banks of the Danube river, and a rich cultural legacy. These are just a few of the experiences that bring tourists to Austria’s lively capital, Vienna. Museums and breweries, palaces and ice cream parlors, cathedrals and cobblestone streets offer a stark and refreshing contrast that makes Vienna well worth the journey. If you are considering a visit, let these four unique attractions convince you to start packing now.

1. The Ringstrasse

 Ringstrasse translates literally to “ring road,” but for those who have yet to see this one-of-a-kind circuit, the nicknames do far more justice than the German. The Ringstrasse has been dubbed both “the most beautiful boulevard in the world,” and “the world’s largest open-air museum.” In three miles (circling the Innere Stadt, one of Vienna’s oldest and most charming neighborhoods) the Ringstrasse features dozens of the world’s most stunning architectural masterpieces.

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From stately theatres to opulent opera houses--not to mention the iconic Flemish-Gothic City Hall--the Ringstrasse offers a diverse cluster of must-see classics, with skyscrapers and postmodern art-nouveau lurking defiantly in the background. 

2. The Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna offers over one hundred world-class museums. Among all of them, the Kunsthistorisches, (located along the Ringstrasse), simply cannot be missed. Featuring an impressive collection of Rembrandts, Vermeers, and Bruegels--as well as hundreds of other classic works by artists of diverse origins and epochs--the Kunsthistorisches is frequently listed as one of the best museums in Europe and around the world. Oh, and just in case you were wondering--the building itself is spectacular.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum offers an English-language website where you can purchase tickets online, see current exhibits and find other relevant information.

3. The Prater

Nestled between the towering architecture of the riverside neighborhood known as the second district lies Vienna’s highly acclaimed central park, The Prater. A leafy oasis sprawling across the heart of a bustling modern city, The Prater is a favorite for tourists and locals alike. Pack a picnic and relax in the sun, or enjoy one of the many exciting attractions the Prater has to offer, such as:

  • The Wiener Riesenrad, a towering and iconic Ferris wheel constructed in 1897.
  • Madame Tussauds, a famously quirky waxworks museum featuring precisely measured wax replications of celebrities and historical figures such as Gandhi, Einstein, Michael Jackson and Mozart.
  • The Praterdome, Austria’s largest disco.
  • Dozens of Bars and Restaurants offering cheap Viennese classics, lavish imperial feasts, diverse selections of world food, and everything in between.
  • The Wurstelprater, the oldest amusement park in the world, which still offers fun and excitement to this day.

4. The Music

Vienna boasts a musical heritage that is second to none--and it continues to be a hub for music of all styles and genres. When you walk the picturesque streets and staircases of Vienna, you know that you are sharing the same space once walked by the likes of Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Liszt, Mahler, Mozart, Steiner, Strauss, Vivaldi, and countless other musicians who defined music as we know it today.

That tradition lives on, as Vienna hosts over 15,000 concerts per year, treating some 10,000 music fans to classical concerts each and every night. Vienna’s official tourism website offers a great overview of the various music venues across the city; and features a special section devoted to Vienna.

More Resources

Vienna’s official website offers a wealth of information about the city. Here are a few other blog and travel guides that may come in handy as you plan or consider a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage city:

Research is an important and exciting first step to any journey, so choose a link or two, turn on your favorite Viennese composer, and start dreaming of your next adventure. And when you’re ready to go, see why Barracuda should be your traveling companion. It’s how style travels.

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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