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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs

by Barracuda Style November 22, 2016

The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Part 1

Maybe you’re shopping for a busy road warrior, a globetrotting adventurer, or a jet-setting bon vivant.

Whatever the case, we’ve put together the ultimate, somewhat-reasonable, admittedly eclectic, yet totally biased holiday gift guide series for travel buffs.

It features some of our favorite curated finds from around the web, along with our own little contributions to the fun (with a sprinkling of self-promotion thrown in, of course).

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for travelers, you’ve come to the right place. Up first:

Ricoh Theta S 360-Degree Camera | $359.95

Do we really even need to explain this one? Whether it’s base-jumping the Cave of Swallows, Snowkiting the Alps, or group hugging around the picnic table at the family reunion in Manhasset, who doesn’t want 360-degree video to relive the whole thing?

Sure, the extreme sports enthusiasts among us will opt for the $15,000 GoPro Odyssey. Artistes may eye the estimated $30,000+ Facebook Surround360. But the folks at Forbes take a fancy to the Ricoh Theta S, an affordably cool new entrant that takes still images (or “photo spheres, we’re told) and 360-degree videos, at 30 fps.

Not exactly high-end, but a great way to capture the moment, any moment, wraparound style. Count us in!

The Carry-on Cocktail Kit from W&P  | $90 Travel Pack

Find most inflight cocktail options a little shall we say, pedestrian? Why not mix yourself a Gin and Tonic or a Moscow Mule while you fly the friendly skies?

As Travel Channel reports, these miniature cocktail kits will have your seatmate super jelly. Nothing a stiff drink won’t fix.

“How to Read the Menu” Books | $12

Hat tip to PopSugar on this one. These little books will help you order Moscardine lessati ala Genovese in Venice (eccezionale!), and stop you from ordering the Ris de veau in Paris (non merci!). Here’s hoping there’s an app for that by this time next year.

The Barracuda Carry-on Bag | $349 

You didn’t think we’d forget, did you? The darling of the crowdfunding world started shipping last month, and it’s taking the holiday season by storm.

GQ calls it “The #1 most convenient carry-on.” Trusted views says it’s the travel and lifestyle brand that has “perfected luggage.” And The Verge proclaims it the one carry-on bag that’ll instantly make you “the coolest person in the airport.”

The Barracuda Carry-on Bag: The Ultimate Gift for Travelers
So what’s the big deal? Think a 10,000 mAh USB battery charger to power your gadgets on the go. Bluetooth, GMS and GPRS tracking so you never have to search for lost luggage again. And a fold-out laptop tray with beverage holders (hello!) for extra shelf space while you’re waiting for your next flight.

The Barracuda makes the perfect complement to that carry-on cocktail kit. And to those tickets to Belize, too. Just saying.

Plus, it’s downright beautiful.

Watch for more in our Gift Guide Series through Holiday 2016!

Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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