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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 6

by Barracuda Style December 09, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 6

Here’s to peace, love and eggnog—or whatever gets you through the holiday crush.

After all, if the race to find the perfect gifts weren’t intense enough right about now, there are the … wackier ... traditions of the season to deal with.

Take “Carol of the Bells,” and its incessant, psych-ward-sing-a-long tempo, for example.

People celebrating the holidays by standing in long lines at KFC in Tokyo. Roller skating to Christmas Mass in Caracas. The horned “half-demon" Krampas, who punishes kids who don’t make Santa’s good list in some parts of Europe.

Or, for the love of all things Schroeder, the “Charlie Brown Christmas” kids—who’ve been doing the same doofus dance move over and over (and over) again for three straight minutes, every holiday season for 52 years in a row.

Can you see why the travel junkies in your life might start feeling a little Scroogy if they can't get away from all the insanity every once in a while?

If so, you’ve come to the right place—the latest in our meticulously curated, yet remarkably self-serving Gift Guide for Travel Buffs series.

Today’s stocking stuffers include:

Exclusive Resorts’ 5-Year Travel Plan     

| $18,750 for 15 days of travel per year + a one-time initiation fee of $85,000)

The family that luxuriates together stays together. So why not take the whole clan to an endless series of multimillion-dollar vacation homes in more than 75 destinations from St. Thomas to Bali to Cote d’Azur and beyond. The way Robb Report tells it, the onsite concierges and personalized excursions help you and your loved ones focus on bonding, instead of worrying about logistics. Count us in.

Carry-on Laptop Tray                                      

| Free with The Barracuda Carry-on (only $274 now through December 25)

Cooling your jets between flights? Flip down the Barracuda Carry-on’s built-in laptop tray with beverage holders, and get some work done with your own personal shelf space. Or chill out and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. It’s perfect for your next business trip, or your next getaway to say, Richard Branson's private retreat, Necker Island. All the other carry-ons will be so jealous.

The Leather Wave       | $110

Who needs elves when you’ve got MacGuyver in your pocket. Which doesn’t sound nearly as good now that we say it out loud. But still: As the Telegraph puts it, the Leatherman Wave is “perhaps the last word in travelling prepared.” Toys come “some assembly required”? No sweat. Want to open a can or bottle from your beachside recliner? So done. Need to cut the wires on Krampas’ ride in order to buy yourself time to hide? Don’t tell him we pointed you this little multi-function wonder gadget.  

Cheeky’s Suitcase Stickers                                           | $7.50 each

Definitely not for your Barracuda Carry-on: These scandalously comical luggage stickers are designed to look like ripped cutaways that reveal the contents of your bag. That is, if your bag is packed full with millions in $20 bills. Snakes for the plane. Or packs of contraband. And they get more outrageous from there. Let’s just say you may or may not get strip searched at the airport. As Travelaways so aptly warns: “Don’t expect these suitcase stickers to be as funny in Dubai as they are in, let’s say, Ibiza.” Holiday wisdom for the ages there, folks.

UScooters                                                                                | $999

As readers of our Gift Guide Series are well aware, we’re all about seeing the sights in new ways. Some of them include personal submarines. Others are a little more down to earth—like the Tesla of scooters, the UScooter. These electric gizmos zip along at up to 18 mph, only weigh 22 pounds, fold up for easy packing, and crank enough juice to travel up to 21 miles on a charge.

The Krampas will never catch us now!


Keep an eye out for more in our 2016 Gift Guide for Travel Buffs through December 25!

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Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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