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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 5

by Barracuda Style December 02, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 5

The headline says it all, doesn't it? 

In a single line, it captures the sentiment behind our Holiday 2016 ad campaign: Our view that material goods are nice. Wonderful, even. But one-by-one, it's experiences that feed moments that become our richest, most fulfilling memories. 

Don’t get us wrong. We’d still love that submarine sports car we blogged about the other day, with or without the bow.

Okay, throw in the bow, too. No don't. Ugh. You decide. 

But just so we're clear, we’d want that care because it offers a new way of seeing the world beyond the everyday. And that’s precisely the idea behind this installment in our series of discerningly web-curated, yet brazenly self-involved gift ideas focused less on the acquisitive and more one the experiential.

At least, that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Ready for takeoff today: 

Kaaboo Dream Pass | One of only two offered, at $1 million each

You'd have to have been preternaturally good this year to get something so wickedly-cool: One of only two four-day, unlimited-access VIP passports for up to 10 of your poshest friends to the Kaaboo Music Festival 2017 in Del Mar, California next September. 

Think private jet service to San Diego (up to 30 hours of air time in total), use of up to five chauffeur-driven Mercedes sedans, an exquisite five-bedroom villa overlooking the Pacific, and back-stage,on-stage,any-stage-you-want access to the artists (check out the 2016 lineup) and a whole lot more.

Is $1 million a bit of a stretch for your long-weekend getaway budget? Maybe you can split the cost 10 ways and live large for $100,000, instead.

That’s only $25,000 per day. Just saying.

The DragonFly USB Headphone Amp | $99

With headphone jacks officially on the endangered species list, let’s hope Dragonfly has a Bluetooth model on the way for its little headphone jack that could. For now, seriously crank up the volume on your ear buds so you can do you some Pitbull without straining to hear the backbeat on takeoff. Word.

Aeropress Coffee Maker | $29.95

Ever notice how no matter how much you spend, even the glitziest steakhouse is never going to grill a Ribeye that's anywhere as good as the one you can make on your backyard Weber? Coffee can be like that for a lot of people, too.

Personally, we’re of two minds on the matter, though. We have a Keurig instant coffeemaker next to the Krups 12-cup, just so we can pound a few teaser shots before the real brew’s ready. But we digress.

The fact is, a lot of folks like their coffee—the way only they can make it—to go. So why not serve yourself a dope Doppio, just the way you dig it, whether you’re snowboarding Monafon or holed up in that place we all partied at in Kennebunkport last summer?

Catamaran Bike | $4,500

We’re not sure if you’ve got bicycle in our watercraft, or watercraft in our bicycle.

Either way, we’re talking two great rides that ride great together—and they’re both yours with this little bit of Franken-whimsy. Why ride around the lake when you can ride on it?

According to Robb Report, this “high-performance biking catamaran” conveniently includes a bicycle, which is mounted on two 1,100-denier PVC pontoons with almost 1,000 pounds of buoyancy in you choice of marine-grade, anodized T6 aluminum or carbon fiber.

Apparently this thing assembles and disassembles in about 10 minutes and fits in the trunk of your rental car.

Insta360 Nano | $199

Panarama-schmanerama: 360-degree video comes to your iPhone. Need we say more?

Okay, we will say little more, actually: Has anyone ever shot a 360-degree video while performing a Mannequin Challenge? Would it even work? Shoot one with your Barracuda Carry-on Bag on your next vacation, and maybe we’ll post it on our Facebook page. 

We’ll even come up with something beyond bragging rights as a reward.

Not a Kaaboo Dream Pass or anything. you like coffee to go?


Keep an eye out for more in our 2016 Gift Guide for Travel Buffs through December 25!

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Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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