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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 4

by Barracuda Style November 29, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 4

Remember the NORAD Santa Tracker

Here in Barracudaville, every kid young and old has spent at least one Christmas Eve with their eyes glued to this online tracker, which uses Santa’s flight plan and GPS signal to show his real-time coordinates on a world map.

From hour to hour, you can follow Old St. Nick as he makes his way around the globe in a seriously cool, time-warping, eco-friendly aircraft that must push Elon Musk into fits of jealous rage.

Maybe it’s this same techno-centric desire to know where our stuff is at that led to the optional Bluetooth/GSM/GPRS tracker that comes with the Barracuda Carry-on Bag (something we highlight in part 2 of this series).

Then again, maybe it was just the time our bags landed in Guadalajara right as we arrived in Paris in what would become one of our all-time Grinchiest of Grinchy moods.

Either way, we figured the theme for this latest entry of our carefully curated, painstakingly self-reverential 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs series would center loosely around (mostly) techy gifts that let you make the most of where you and your stuff happen to be this Holiday season—and relive it all once you’re home.

Ready for take off:

Projecteo Instagram Pocket Projector | $40

The other day, we looked at the Smartphone Instant Photo Lab, which lets you print out and share photos while you’re actually experiencing the moment, wherever that moment might be.

The Projecteo Instagram Projector could be used in much the same manner, or as a way for wanderlusters to relive and share their Instagram images from the Galapagos, Andermatt, or Villa Manzu on the nearest wall for all to see.

This thing’s about the size of a matchbox, casts a projection up to 12-feet across, and sounds like everything Instagram should be in the physical world.

Scratch-Off Travel Journal | $25

A combination travel planner, checklist and diary, this journal includes a map that lets you scratch off the countries and cities you’re going to, or have already been, like a bucket list-cum-lottery ticket where the person who does the most scratching wins.

Submarine Sports Car | $2 million

Not to sound too Suessian about it, but if you’re going to live in the moment, wherever you may be, why not expand your definition of where your “wherever” can be?

Inspired by the Lotus Elise James Bond drives in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” this sports car puts you in touch with every moment, by land and by sea. In fact, it floats when driven into water, and dives at the pull of a lever.

Let’s face it, if sports cars are designed to compensate for your er, shortcomings, you may as well claim yours is the desire to Scuba dive off the Amalfi Coast from the finely-appointed comfort of a sports car. Especially one that's a zero emissions electric fun machine that can go 75 MPH for 80 miles on land, or three hours underwater, and saves you a bundle on beachside parking meters.

We think it’s an excellent way to show your adventurous other that they’ve been just the right amount of nice, naughty, or ideally both, this year.

“Video Calls with Santa” App | $2.99

Traveling with your little ‘Cudas this season? Afraid your moments together might include a mix-up on gift deliveries to the concierge at the St. Regis Bora Bora , where your in-villa masseuse is trying to untangle all the knots you’ve built up from a full day of frolicking on the beach?

Never fear. This app lets you Facetime Santa from anywhere in the world and share your wishlist in a way that’s both brilliant and sure to be the brainchild of whoever was behind all those creepy clown sightings last summer.

No, not the presidential candidates. The other ones.

To be clear, we’re not talking about even the most rudimentary AI-enabled, Alexa-level conversation here. This appears to be strictly powered by pre-canned, Mall-Santa questions and oblique non-responses that’d make even your stockbroker proud.

But it’s cool enough for kids who might not notice you have to tap the screen to prompt Santa to serve up a non-answer. Sure to have both kids and grownups freaking out all season long. Just not for the same reasons.

Keep an eye out for more in our 2016 Gift Guide for Travel Buffs through December 25!

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Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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