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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 3

by Barracuda Style November 26, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Buffs: Day 3

Need a good excuse to plan an unforgettable trip this holiday season or in the year ahead? Neither do we. We’re pretty much always jones’ing to jet somewhere cool. Then again, when we couldn’t find the perfect carry-on bag, we invented it. So when we say “travel buff,” we probably mean “travel junkies.” And while the Barracuda is pretty much all we need to globetrot, other items can come in handy, too. That’s the impetus for our thoroughly biased Gift Guide for Travel Buffs (or Junkies), a collection of curated goods from around the Interwebs, mixed with our particular brand of well-meaning promotional plugs.

On the flight deck today: 

Snapchat Spectacles video recording sunglasses | $130

We know, we know. So far at least, that whole Glass thing didn’t work out so well for Google (or anyone, for that matter). But call it gee-wizardry, a weakness for geekishness, or just wishful thinking, we think Snap might offer a glimpse of … something…. that might actually someday lead to … something big. No, we’re not talking about Snap’s Snapchat platform itself, which we find mostly meh (sorry teenyboppers). We’re talking about Spectacles, the brand’s new video-recording sunglasses. Maybe it’s the fact that its spinning lights tell people you’re recording. And maybe because the shades themselves aren’t as lame as Glass. Either way, color us many shades of interested. Time will tell, but as a novelty gift for travel buffs, this could do the trick. Available only through special pop-up vending machines that are inspiring longer line waits than you faced on Black Friday.

Killer Whale Personal Submarine | $90,000

What’s not to love about a two-person submarine that breaches and submerges like an Orca whale? Okay, plenty (Seriously, $90K?). But even though our first choice would be a submarine in the form of a Barracuda, we still think it’d be a cool way to sightsee above water at 50 mph, and below, at 25 mph. From Hammacher Schlemmer, as if it wasn’t obvious.

The Airhook | $24.95

Simple and smart to the point of duh. Give yourself a some extra knee space with this little device that uses your tray table in the upright position (instead of open) to hold your beverage and secure your tablet or mobile phone. An excellent stocking stuffer if you ask us.

Handheld Digital Luggage Scale | FREE with Barracuda Carry-on Bag

Never face those hefty overweight baggage fees again, thanks to the handheld digital scale that comes included with our Barracuda Ultimate Carry-on Bag. Check out reviews from GQ, Forbes, The Verge, PointsGuy and more here.

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock | $99

Heck, take the hammock and hold the camping part. Ever tried to find an available coconut-tree hammock at a beach resort? Good luck with that. But now you can commit to some DIY luxuriating with this lightweight, packable hammock, which supports two people, up to 500 pounds. Now, where’s our Mai tai? Plus, you can feel good about this hammock, too: A portion of your purchase goes toward providing resources to create sustainable change in Kenyan communities. Hat tip to Travel & Leisure for this one.

SWIMS Penny Loafer | $160

Think of these as the penny loafers of waterproof footwear. See how we did that? Clever. Okay, while this may feel a little “reversible jacket” to us—we never really felt the need for the shoes that keep us from cutting our feet open on coral to be equally appropriate for the beach club—it can’t hurt, either. Our wives would approve, anyway. Plus, it’ll save us a trip up to the hotel room for a change of shoes.

Flytographer | From $250 for a 30-minute shoot

Wait, a “vacation photography” service that sends local professionals to shoot your epic vacation for you? Don’t laugh. Anyone who’s ever felt they’re spending more time documenting the moments instead of living them might just want to check out Flytographer. It sure beats yet another duck-faced selfie, or asking passersby to shoot awful photos of you. 

Keep an eye out for more in our 2016 Gift Guide for Travel Buffs through December 25!

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Barracuda Style
Barracuda Style


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